Air Hockey vs Slide Hockey: Which is Better?

Which is better? Air hockey or slide hockey? This has been a debate that has raged on for centuries.

Some people swear by the smooth, fast action of air hockey. Others prefer the steadier pace and heavier weight of slide hockey.

But which one is better? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each to see which sport reigns supreme!

What are the 3 types of hockey?

Inline hockey, field hockey, and ice hockey are the three main types of hockey. Inline hockey uses a hard surface, with players skating on inline skates.

The players in field hockey use special shoes with spikes to play on grass or AstroTurf. This helps to get a better grip on playing the game.

As the name suggests, ice hockey uses an ice rink with players wearing skates.

What is slide hockey?

The game has two teams of six players each, and each team tries to score goals by shooting a puck into the other team’s net.

The game is fast-paced and requires good skating skills and teamwork.

Is air hockey different from slide hockey?

Air hockey is a game that needs a table with a smooth and level surface. The game uses small plastic discs, which are also known as pucks.

Players use paddles to hit the puck back and forth across the table. The object of the game is to score goals by getting the puck into the opponent’s goal.

Slide hockey is like air hockey, but it needs a table with ridges or grooves in it.

The game also uses small plastic discs, but players must use their sticks to slide the puck along the table. The object of the game is to score goals by getting the puck into the opponent’s goal.

Air hockey vs slide hockey: 3 Differences

1. Air hockey needs a puck to play, while slide hockey needs a disk to play.

2. Air hockey has an air-powered table, while slide hockey has a frictionless surface.

3. In air hockey, players use mallets to hit the puck, while in slide hockey, players use sticks to hit the disk.

Air hockey vs slide hockey: Which is better?

There are two main types of hockey: air hockey and slide hockey. Both have their pros and cons, so it depends on what you’re looking for in a game.

Air hockey is fast-paced and exciting game, while slide hockey is a bit more strategic. Slide hockey also requires more equipment, so it can be more expensive to get started.

If you’re looking to have some fun, air hockey is the better choice. But if you want a more challenging game, slide hockey might be more up your alley.

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Final Note

In this blog, we have shown the differences between air hockey and slide hockey. These two games are popular among players.

The puck slides on a slick surface in slide hockey while air hockey has tiny holes that allow the puck to float.

Besides, slide hockey needs more contact than air hockey.

All in all, it is up to you to choose your favorite game to play. Both games are enjoyable. Please let us know your favorite one in the comment section below.